Chengdu J20 vs Dassault Rafale Comparison

Introduction  The Chengdu J20 vs Dassault Rafale are two of the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world today, representing the latest in air combat technology. While the J-20 is a fifth-generation stealth fighter developed by China’s Chengdu Aerospace Corporation, the Rafale is a fourth-generation multirole fighter developed by France’s Dassault Aviation. In this comparison, … Read more

Chengdu J-20 Fighter Jet- Mighty Dragon

Introduction The Chengdu J-20 fighter, also known as the “Mighty Dragon,” is a fifth-generation stealth fighter aircraft developed by the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group, which is a subsidiary of the state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). The J-20’s development started in the late 1990s, and the first prototype was reportedly completed in 2011, with … Read more
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