Aircraft carriers are large warships designed to operate as mobile airbases at sea. They are a key component of modern naval forces and play a vital role in power projection and military operations.

Aircraft carriers are equipped with various types of aircraft, including fighter jets, reconnaissance planes, helicopters, and others. The planes are launched and recovered using catapults and arresting wires on the flight deck. The carrier’s air wing provides a range of capabilities, including air superiority, strike missions, reconnaissance, and search and rescue.

Carriers are also heavily armed with defensive systems, such as missile defense systems and anti-aircraft guns. They also have a variety of offensive weapons. Such as cruise missiles and torpedoes, and can be used to project military power in a variety of situations.

Carriers are complex and expensive warships that require a large crew and significant resources to operate. However, they are a crucial component of modern naval warfare and are capable of a wide range of missions, from supporting ground operations to conducting deep strike missions against enemy targets.

Aircraft Carriers-PropTors


  1. Fleet Carriers: Fleet carriers are the largest and most heavily armed type of aircraft carrier. They are designed to operate as the flagship of a fleet and are capable of carrying a large number of aircraft, typically around 70-90. These carriers are used for offensive operations and power projection and are often accompanied by a variety of support ships.
  2. Light Carriers: Light carriers are smaller and less heavily armed than fleet carriers. They typically carry fewer aircraft, around 30-40, and are used for a variety of missions, including air defense, reconnaissance, and anti-submarine warfare. They are often used in situations where a fleet carrier is not necessary or is not available.
  3. Escort Carriers: Escort carriers are the smallest type of aircraft carrier and are designed for escort duties, such as protecting convoys and providing air support for amphibious landings. They are also used for training and as a platform for scientific research. Escort carriers typically carry around 15-20 aircraft and are much smaller than fleet or light carriers.
  4. Helicopter Carriers: Helicopter carriers are a type of carrier designed to carry helicopters instead of fixed-wing aircraft. They are used for a variety of missions, including troop transport, search and rescue, and anti-submarine warfare. Helicopter carriers are typically smaller than fleet or light carriers and can carry a mix of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.
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