RZ 500 Drone

RZ 500 Drone: Ukrainian War Game-Changer UAV

The RZ 500 is a new helicopter from Ramzay, a private defense corporation with a history of developing military-based offensive weapons, helicopters, and government helicopter services. The RZ 500 is a drone combat helicopter with a rotary wing and missiles. The helicopter is described as a low-observable drone with a service ceiling of 4,000 meters, a weight size of 500 Kilograms, and endurance times of 120 minutes. This means that it will be effective in its service in terms of speed, height, and ability.

Key features

According to reports, the drone is loaded with missiles, notably unguided rockets, precision-based munitions, anti-tank missiles, and heavy machine guns at each of its wings, making it an extremely hazardous drone that will undoubtedly help military forces in the field of battle. The drone is intended to feature an unarmed aerial system and the ability to carry numerous rockets and bombs that have been built to fit inside its system, including at least two anti-tank missiles.

RZ 500 drone can be proved a game changer in war and it’s able to destroy any targets of the enemy.

Ramzay RZ 500 Drone

Capabilities of RZ 500 Drone

Even in the highlands, the helicopter can be delivered to a chosen location in a short amount of time. RZ 500 can also fly between 50 and 100 meters above the ground while remaining undetected by hostile radars. It may also attack from behind a building or a patch of forest. Its missile range is up to 7.5 kilometers, and it is absolutely unseen to the adversary.
The reconnaissance, target identification, enemy target destruction, and self-destruction of ground targets, including armored targets, are all capabilities of the RZ 500 drone.

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