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Al-Qassam Brigades Launch Large Attack on Israeli Sites from Lebanon

Hamas’ military wing has initiated an assault aimed at Israeli military headquarters, resulting in confirmed injuries according to reports from Israeli media. Al-Qassam Brigades, affiliated with Hamas, stationed in Lebanon, launched a significant barrage of Grad-type artillery rockets directed at two Israeli military installations in the al-Jalil Panhandle on Wednesday morning. The resistance group stated … Read more

Houthi Assault on Cargo Ship in Red Sea Results in 29km Oil Spill

The US military has disclosed that an assault by Yemeni Houthi rebels on a Belize-flagged vessel earlier this month caused an 18-mile (29-km) oil slick. The incident occurred on Saturday, prompting concerns over potential spillage from the ship’s fertilizer cargo. The targeted vessel, Rubymar, a British-registered cargo ship operated by a Lebanese company, was attacked … Read more

Israeli PM Netanyahu Firm on Claiming Victory: ‘Ceasefire Deal Would Only Stall Offensive in Rafah’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated on Sunday, February 25, that an Israeli military operation in Rafah, Gaza’s southernmost city, might see a delay if a ceasefire agreement spanning weeks is brokered between Israel and Hamas. He emphasized that decisive victory in the region could be achieved within weeks of commencing the offensive in Rafah, … Read more

US Destroys Four Houthi Drones and Two Cruise Missiles in Yemen and Red Sea

The US Military announced on Friday that it had intercepted four Houthi drones and two anti-ship cruise missiles in Yemen and the Red Sea. This action was taken after assessing that they posed an immediate threat to merchant vessels and US Navy ships, stated the Central Command. These drones and cruise missiles were poised to … Read more

Turmoil in UK Parliament as Gaza Ceasefire Vote Sparks Controversy

Chaos engulfed the UK’s House of Commons as Speaker Lindsay Hoyle faced backlash over his handling of a crucial vote regarding support for a ceasefire in Gaza. Both the government and the Scottish National Party (SNP) criticized Hoyle’s actions, leading lawmakers from the SNP and the Conservative Party to stage a walkout in protest. The … Read more

US Takes Action Against Threats in Houthi-Controlled Yemen Areas

WASHINGTON: In response to heightened tensions in the Red Sea, the US Central Command announced that it successfully located and neutralized a surface-to-air missile launcher in Yemen’s Houthi-controlled territories around 5 pm on February 19. The Command also reported the launch of an additional anti-ship ballistic missile at 6:40 pm, which, fortunately, did not target … Read more

Crew Abandons Ship in Red Sea After Houthi Missile Strikes

In a recent development, the escalating attacks by the Houthis off the coast of Yemen have led to the abandonment of a commercial ship in the Red Sea following a Houthi assault. This marks the first instance of such an evacuation since the militant group began threatening trade in the crucial waterway late last year. … Read more

Top 10 Fighter Jets in The World 2024

In the dynamic realm of aerial combat, the competition for supremacy among fighter jets is relentless. With technological advancements pushing boundaries, each nation strives to produce aircraft that surpass all predecessors in terms of speed, agility, stealth, and firepower. In this comprehensive exploration, we unveil the top 10 fighter jets in the world, showcasing their … Read more

Insights from Dubai’s World Government Summit: UAE Minister Highlights $17 Trillion Spent on War Annually

A UAE serve cautioned that $17 trillion was lost to war and struggle in the previous year – as opposed to spent on squeezing needs like development, training and wellbeing – as world pioneers and heads of state assembled in Dubai for the 2024 World Government Culmination. During the initial meeting of WGS 2024 on … Read more

Israeli Forces Target Civilians Outside Gaza’s Besieged Nasser Hospital, Resulting in 21 Deaths

Reports confirm that Israeli snipers have fatally shot a minimum of 21 Palestinians as they targeted displaced civilians attempting to seek refuge at Nasser Hospital in the southern Gaza district of Khan Younis. According to the reports from Rafah, detailed on Friday snipers had encircled the hospital, indiscriminately firing at anyone attempting to approach from … Read more

Qatar Releases Eight Former Indian Navy Officers Previously Sentenced to Death

Following a decision by a Qatari court, eight former Indian naval officers, who were previously on death row for undisclosed charges, have been freed. According to Delhi’s foreign ministry, seven of the individuals have already returned to India. Earlier reports indicated that in January, their death sentences were commuted to various prison terms. The charges … Read more

Syria shoots down ‘hostile’ drones near Damascus

A Syrian military source has reported the downing of two drones launched from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights by Syria’s air defenses. According to Syria’s state news agency SANA, the military source stated that the drones were intercepted on the western outskirts of Damascus on Friday. The incident occurred at approximately 02:10 pm local time when … Read more

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Requests Military Plans for Evacuating Rafah, Home to 1.4 Million Sheltering Individuals

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has directed the military to prepare an evacuation plan for Rafah amid concerns of a potential Israeli invasion. The town, labeled as a Hamas stronghold, is under scrutiny, leading to international criticism of Israel’s intentions. Netanyahu’s directive comes in response to global concerns over Israel’s alleged plans to invade Rafah, … Read more

Netanyahu Rejects Hamas Ceasefire Terms in Gaza Conflict

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has firmly dismissed Hamas’s proposed terms for a ceasefire, asserting that achieving “total victory” in Gaza remains a viable goal within a matter of months. Netanyahu’s rejection follows Hamas’s presentation of a set of conditions in response to an Israel-backed ceasefire initiative. In a press conference on Wednesday, Netanyahu declared … Read more

Deadly Bombings Strike Pakistani Political Offices Ahead of Parliamentary Elections, Claiming Lives of 30

QUETTA, Pakistan – Explosions rocked two separate political offices in southwestern Pakistan on Wednesday, resulting in the tragic loss of at least 30 lives, officials confirmed. The incidents occurred just a day before the nation was poised to elect its new parliament. The bombings, which occurred in Baluchistan province—a region known for its ongoing insurgency … Read more

US Executes Strike in Iraq Targeting Kataib Hezbollah Commander Linked to Attacks on US Forces

US Central Command reported a military strike in Baghdad on Wednesday that eliminated a Kataib Hezbollah commander responsible for targeting American forces in the region. The strike, conducted by a drone against a vehicle in Baghdad, occurred without causing collateral damage or civilian casualties, according to both US and Iraqi officials. Central Command stated, “We … Read more

Biden’s Reported Frustration with Netanyahu as Middle East Crisis Deepens: Politico

Amidst the escalating conflict in the Middle East, reports suggest that US President Joe Biden expressed frustration with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reportedly labeling him a “bad fucking guy,” according to a Politico report. However, the White House swiftly denied this allegation, with Biden’s spokesperson Andrew Bates stating, “The president did not say that, … Read more

Blinken Returns to the Middle East to Advance Hostage Negotiations

The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, embarked on another journey to the Middle East on Sunday to advance a proposal aimed at resolving the ongoing conflict by securing the release of hostages. This marks Blinken’s fifth visit to the region since the October 7 Hamas attack within Israel. His latest trip follows recent US … Read more

Indian Navy Deploys Submarine to Sri Lanka Amidst Chinese Naval Activity in the Indian Ocean

The Indian Navy has dispatched the INS Karanj, a diesel-electric submarine, to one of Sri Lanka’s main ports in a strategic move as the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy’s spy ship Xiang Yang Hong 3 approaches the Maldives. Arriving at Colombo Port on Saturday, the INS Karanj received a ceremonial welcome from the Sri Lankan … Read more

Maldives President Affirms: Indian Troops to Depart by May, Sovereignty Paramount

Maintaining his stance against external interference, President Mohamed Muizzu of the Maldives asserted in parliament today that the country will not tolerate any actions undermining its sovereignty. Reports from local media indicate that an agreement between New Delhi and Male dictates the withdrawal of Indian troops from the Maldives by May 10. President Muizzu specified … Read more

Houthis Pledge Retaliation After US, and UK Conduct Strikes on 36 Targets in Yemen

On the second day of significant US operations against Iran-linked groups in response to a recent attack on American troops, the United States and Britain targeted 36 Houthi sites in Yemen. The strikes carried out late on Saturday, focused on buried weapons storage facilities, missile systems, launchers, and other capabilities that the Houthis have utilized … Read more

Decoding U.S. Military Aircraft: A Comprehensive Guide by Series

Understanding the vast array of aircraft operated by the United States military can be a daunting task. From fighter jets tearing through the skies to cargo planes transporting troops and equipment, each aircraft serves a specific purpose within the U.S. military arsenal. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the various series of military aircraft, … Read more

U.S. Conducts Retaliatory Strikes on Over 85 Iran-Linked Targets in Syria and Iraq

In response to a deadly drone attack on an American base in Jordan, the US military initiated retaliatory air strikes against Iranian forces and Tehran-backed militia groups in Iraq and Syria on Friday, resulting in the reported death of at least 18 fighters. The United States attributed the Sunday drone attack to Iran-backed forces but … Read more

EU Leaders Unanimously Approve €50 Billion Aid Package for Ukraine, Overcoming Hurdles

EU leaders, in a surprising turn of events, unanimously approved a €50 billion (£42 billion; $54 billion) aid package for Ukraine, overcoming Hungary’s previous opposition. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed gratitude for the financial support, anticipating the initial installment in March to enhance the nation’s economic resilience. Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a close ally … Read more

Ukraine Reports Sinking of Russian Warship off Crimea Coast and Unleashing ‘Massive’ Missile Barrage on Peninsula

Ukraine’s military intelligence has announced the sinking of a Russian warship off the coast of Crimea overnight into Thursday, marking the latest setback for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet after a substantial missile attack on the occupied peninsula hours earlier. The guided-missile ship, the “Ivanovets,” reportedly sustained multiple hits to its hull, ultimately sinking in the … Read more

US Greenlights $3.99 Billion Deal for Sale of 31 MQ9B Drones to India

The US State Department has given the go-ahead for the sale of MQ-9B remotely piloted aircraft to India through the foreign military sales program. According to reports, the Joe Biden administration has formally informed the US Congress about the proposed transaction involving 31 Sky Guardian drones and associated equipment to India, with an estimated cost … Read more

Fastest Helicopters in The World: Every Should to Know

Top 5 Fastest Helicopters in the World Helicopters are incredible machines that can reach amazing speeds. As aviation technology continues advancing, helicopter speed records keep getting broken. Today, some of the fastest helicopters in the world can reach speeds over 250 mph! For anyone fascinated by rotary aircraft and cutting-edge aviation, the fastest helicopters on … Read more

Iranian Foreign Minister Alleges ‘Third Countries’ Backing Terrorism along Iran-Pakistan Border Amid Diplomatic Reconciliation

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian, during his visit to Pakistan less than a week after both nations engaged in hostilities along their border, asserted that acts of terrorism in the region are being facilitated by ‘third countries’. Abdollahian, invited by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani following diplomatic tensions, emphasized that militants in the … Read more