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Iron Sting: IDF Unveils New Weapon Use Against Hamas

According to military reports on Sunday, soldiers from the Maglan Special Forces Unit used the Iron Sting precision mortar munition for the first time in combat to target a Hamas rocket-launching facility in the Gaza Strip that had been firing rockets into Israeli territory.

The army uses munition to target the Gaza rocket launcher used by Hamas and to target its dual laser and GPS guidance systems, the 120 mm Iron Sting mortar munition can target terror targets precisely in urban settings, enhancing its effectiveness while lowering the risk to civilians. The defense establishment is now increasing manufacturing so that it can supply all mortar divisions, not just special ones.

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With the help of this breakthrough, conventional mortar weapons can now be fired with the same accuracy as missiles and other air or ground weapons used by the Air Force or artillery. The Iron Sting is unique not just for its excellent accuracy but also for its affordability and instant availability in large quantities.

The Iron Sting team from Maglan’s reserve unit was the first to use the precision mortar munition operationally. On the fourth day of the war, the team engaged targets in the Gaza Strip before refocusing on targets in Lebanon, including intersections frequented by terrorists from Hezbollah who are trying to flee after attacking Israeli forces and assets along the border.

Twelve precision mortars were fired from the ground by Magellan reserve forces, with half of the mortars aimed at Gaza and the remaining ones into Lebanon. This is on top of the fifty mortars that have been fired since hostilities started.

You know about that Israel most powerful air defense system is Iron Dome Air Defence System: Israel Air Shield.

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