HMS Astute Submarine (S119)

HMS Astute Submarine (S119): UK Attack Submarine


HMS Astute (S119) is a nuclear-powered attack submarine and the lead ship of her class. Commissioned in 2010, she is the most advanced submarine in the Royal Navy and is designed to carry out a wide range of missions, including anti-submarine warfare, intelligence gathering, and strike operations. we will take a closer look at the features and capabilities of HMS Astute Submarine (S119), as well as her role in the Royal Navy’s fleet.

HMS Astute Submarine

Design and Features of The HMS Astute Submarine (S119)

HMS Astute is a state-of-the-art submarine that incorporates the latest in submarine design and technology. She has a displacement of 7,400 tonnes when submerged and can travel at a speed of 30 knots. The submarine is 97 meters long and 11 meters wide and has a crew of 98 officers and ratings. HMS Astute is armed with Spearfish torpedoes and Tomahawk land-attack cruise missiles, which can be launched from six torpedo tubes and 12 vertical launch tubes, respectively. The submarine is also equipped with a range of advanced sensors, including a sonar suite that can detect and track targets at long ranges.

The propulsion system of HMS Astute Submarine (S119) is based on a nuclear reactor that generates electricity to power the submarine’s motors. This enables the submarine to remain submerged for extended periods, without the need to surface or snorkel for air. The submarine’s nuclear reactor is designed to last for the entire lifespan of the vessel, which is expected to be around 25 years.

General Specification 

ClassAstute-class nuclear-powered attack submarine
Displacement7,400 tonnes submerged
Length97 meters
Beam11 meters
Speed30 knots
PropulsionNuclear reactors powering electric motors
Crew98 officers and ratings
Armament6 x 21-inch torpedo tubes, 12 x vertical launch tubes for Tomahawk land-attack cruise missiles
SensorsAdvanced sonar suite for target detection and tracking
MissionsAnti-submarine warfare, intelligence gathering, strike operations

Capabilities and Missions of The HMS Astute Submarine (S119)

HMS Astute is a multi-purpose submarine that is designed to carry out a wide range of missions. Her primary role is anti-submarine warfare, where she can use her advanced sonar and torpedo systems to locate and engage enemy submarines. However, the submarine is also equipped with a range of other sensors and systems that enable her to carry out intelligence-gathering and surveillance missions.

In addition to her intelligence and anti-submarine warfare capabilities, HMS Astute can also carry out strike operations. The submarine’s Tomahawk land-attack cruise missiles are capable of striking targets on land, making HMS Astute Submarine (S119) a valuable asset in a range of military scenarios.

HMS Astute Submarine- Royal Navy

Operational History of The HMS Astute Submarine (S119)

Since her commissioning in 2010, HMS Astute Submarine (S119) has been involved in a number of operations and exercises. In 2011, the submarine participated in Operation Ellamy, the NATO-led military intervention in Libya. During this operation, HMS Astute was used to gather intelligence and surveillance data on Libyan military forces. The submarine was also involved in a number of exercises with NATO and other allied navies, including the United States Navy.

HMS Astute Submarine (S119) has also been involved in a number of incidents during her operational history. In 2010, the submarine ran aground off the coast of Scotland, leading to significant damage to the vessel. The incident was caused by a combination of navigational errors and equipment failures. In 2017, HMS Astute collided with a merchant vessel off the coast of Gibraltar, causing damage to both vessels but no injuries.


HMS Astute is the most advanced attack submarine in the Royal Navy and is a valuable asset for a range of military scenarios. Her advanced sonar and torpedo systems make her a formidable anti-submarine warfare platform, while her Tomahawk land-attack cruise missiles enable her to carry out strike operations against land targets. Despite some incidents during her operational history, HMS Astute remains a vital component of the Royal Navy’s fleet, providing a potent and flexible capability for the defense of the United Kingdom and its allies.

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